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  • The next generation of carnation.
  • The next generation of carnation.
  • The next generation of carnation.
  • The next generation of carnation.


DivineThe name Dianthus is from the Greek words Dios ("of Zeus") and anthos ("flower"), and was cited by the Greek botanist Theophrastus. The origin of the name Dianthus was the reason to give our company the name Divine Flowers.

Divine Flowers is a cooperation between two carnation growers. Martin Zwinkels and Nieuwland. Since spring 2017 they sell their carnations under the brand names “Divine Flowers”. They can deliver a broad assortment of carnations, because they can divide the cultivars between the two companies.


Divine Flowers distinguishes herself in the market by superior quality and reliability and a good vase life of the product:

  • Extended vase life of five days, as a result of special treatment of all carnations.*
  • Young crop with heavy, straight stems and a large flower size.
  • Strict selection policy on quality
  • In the greenhouse CO2 is dosed all year round. In the summer,  OCAP delivers pure CO2.

*Carnations are very sensitive to ethylene. Ethylene is a hormone present in exhaust gasses and comes off during the ripen-ing of fruit. When carnations are put in water with SilverThioSulfate (STS) for several hours, they will become insensitive to ethylene.  The vase life is extended to 5 days compared to carnations without this treatment.

Customer focus

Divine Flowers strives to serve its customers optimally. Good contacts, short delivery times and well worked out logistics are important conditions. We try to surprise our customers with innovative products, as long as these species fit within the very strict quality standards of our nurseries